Emergency Shutdown System Solutions

Along with profitability, safety is a cornerstone of a sustainable process and Governments, insurance companies and respective organizations has placed the highest criteria on plant, personnel and environment safety. ESD systems help to minimize the consequences of emergency situations by preventing loss of human life and/or equipment with pre-tested, powerful and well-tailored ESD systems.

With a long experience, Eratech has in-depth knowledge of designing, implementing and maintaining safety systems. Our group provide a common technical platform ESD system that makes installation and service easy and flexible. With offering retrofit projects which can ensure optimized solutions for best performance, we ensure priority control of process equipment which is required for switching the process in safe mode.

We custom design our ESD systems based on our clients’ requirements and offer flexibility to our customers to select the platform of their preference (based on our technical inputs or their pre-requisites) to achieve the essential functional fulfillment.

Our solutions offer features such as:

  • Integrated Alarm Management System
  • Integrated Faceplates for Fast Operation/Monitoring Commands
  • Process and Diagnostic Data Visualizing and Transferring
  • Locking Condition Visualizing and Transferring
  • Timestamp Transferring
  • Maintenance Override Switches
  • Start-up Bypass (SUB)

With maximum reliability, our solutions are designed to utilize common engineering tools and a wide variety of safety-certified sensors and positioners. Eratech solutions consist of SIL3/SIL2 systems with wide variety of applications:

  • Emergency and Process Shutdown (ESD and PSD)
  • High Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Interlock Systems
  • Burner Management/ Boiler Protection (BMS)
  • Auxiliary Panel
  • Unlimited Safety System (USS