Eratech is a corporation, established to pursue industrial instrumentation and automation solutions, from 2012 till now, we are continuously working to build up customer satisfaction on the infrastructures of quality.

Nowadays, not only we are a manufacturer of instrument devices, but also our dream of being automation system solution provider has become a reality. Our production side works hard to add to our product diversity and the automation division is growing its realm of industry. From oil & Gas related plants to power and energy, water, food and medicine industry from huge chemical plants and oil refineries to the very specific fabric factories, we can be your choice for instrument devices and automation solutions!



Incorporated in 2012, Eratech Manufacturing is an international company active in Malaysia and Germany. We are specialized in engineering and fabrication of Instrumentation in Oil and Gas industry.

Our R&D teams located in Europe and Asia, empower us to drive both near- and long-term value and retain our status with the instrumentation industries. With the help of our keen knowledge supported by our technical resources, we are able to provide highest quality of products with competitive price thus having the privilege of attaining high level of customer satisfaction.


Eratech corporation was established in 2012 in Malaysia to pursue production of instrumentation devices. In its very first steps, Eratech stepped into the production of primary flow elements, orifice plates and restriction orifice
assemblies were designed and produced in Malaysia.

After a while, by entering in more vendor lists and getting licenses and international approvals, Eratech started production of venturi and pitot tubes, in addition to orifice plates and thermowell.

By introducing meter runs the primary flow element section had a complete range of solutions. The market for Eratech products was gradually growing, meanwhile, Eratech R&D team was continuously working on developing
new products. Projects in countries other than Malaysia strengthened the penetration of our products into East Asian markets.

Eratech introduced corrosion solutions and level gauges as other categories of products. Then after, multipoint temperature sensors and manifold valves have been added most recent. By incorporating Eratech GmbH in 2018, the European markets have been targeted, and Eratech aims its products to enter western markets for near future. Other than production, Eratech follows
process automation. Our Automation team concentrates on providing DCS, FCS, BMS, ESD and F&G solutions. This division of Eratech, being
well known in western Asia, has started its work in 2015 and unceasingly focused on system providing.
All in all, Eratech as a young corporation, has based its factory in Malaysia and its offices in Germany and Kuala Lumpur are active in doing sorts of business. We hope we would continue growing by our clients’ trust and our team’s endeavored attempts.



Technological advancements in process monitoring, control and industrial automation over the past decades have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all manufacturing industries throughout the
world. ERATECH looks forward to undertake the production of a wide variety of industrial measurement and control instruments, to gain a higher share of plants’ automation and instrumentation, for a safer, cleaner and more productive world.


We have dedicated ourselves to provide the suitable solution according to our customer demands. Meanwhile, we are constantly striving to our values; safe processes and clean environment.